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SaRenna Lee » SaRenna Cover Shots 2

This collection is a follow-up to an earlier series of SaRenna photos shot on medium format transparency film for possible SCORE magazine cover usage. The clarity, brilliant colors and sharpness seem almost three-dimensional. The last group of this collection is Tawny Peaks and Angelique with SaRenna in the Carribean, cover shots taken at the time of the photo shoot for April 1995 SCORE and called "SaRenna, Tawny Peaks and Angelique" on SaRennasWorld. A shot of SaRenna squatting, flanked by Tawny and Angelique, was published as the back cover of April 1995 SCORE. (The front cover was of Busty Dusty.) Medium format usage is fading out in these Internet/digital format days, but the results are still worth the effort as this series shows.
September 8th, 2017   
46 Photos