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SaRenna, Lisa Lipps & Tawny Peaks
One of the all-time sexiest big-boob video scenes in the explicit girl-on-girl category, this extremely horny throrgy* of SCORE superstars occured in 1994 in the Bahamas. No one has ever topped this scene. Although SaRenna enters the room in the second half, it would have been plain wrong to have edited out the oily first part with Tawny Peaks and Lisa Lipps that builds up to their juice drenched... (more)
20:38 mins of SaRenna Lee!
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The incredible face and form of SaRenna Lee
This video interview was conducted in John Graham's London SCORE studio shortly after the 3rd Boob Cruise in 1997. SaRenna was in the U.K. for still shoots and videos. The interviewer is a famous British porn star, Linzi Drew, the wife of XXX producer Ben Dover. (All three were on the Cruise that year.) Linzi may be a little difficult to understand as her audio track is slightly muffled. Watching... (more)
10:51 mins of SaRenna Lee!
Splish Splash Flash
Back to mid-'90s we go with SaRenna splishing, splashing and flashing. Her vintage tub belongs either in a wild west bordello or in a Victorian England boudoir. Her turn-of-the-century lace pajamas add to the sense of another time. Again, SaRenna's personality is effervescent and bubbly and it's magnetic. She has the power to make men eat out of her hand.... (more)
08:43 mins of SaRenna Lee!
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