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SaRenna's Mega-Boob Olympics Interview
SCORE: Do you always wear a bra? SARENNA: Almost always. I'm really comfortable with a bra because of the weight. Sometimes I go to bed without one, just as a treat, but almost always you'll see me in a bra. SCORE: You sleep in a bra? SARENNA: Yes, usually, unless there's some intimacy involved. SCORE: So if you're having sex with a guy, the bra comes off? SARENNA: Absolutely! My boobs... (more)
33:04 mins of SaRenna Lee!
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The incredible face and form of SaRenna Lee
This video interview was conducted in John Graham's London SCORE studio shortly after the 3rd Boob Cruise in 1997. SaRenna was in the U.K. for still shoots and videos. The interviewer is a famous British porn star, Linzi Drew, the wife of XXX producer Ben Dover. (All three were on the Cruise that year.) Linzi may be a little difficult to understand as her audio track is slightly muffled. Watching... (more)
10:51 mins of SaRenna Lee!
SaRenna & Traci Topps
Two of the greatest mega-busted SCORE Girls of the big '90's together for an erotic girl-on-girl session in 1995. There's a lot of titty mashing going on in this on-the-set video. Can you tell they got chummy? Traci and SaRenna were also together on Boob Cruise 2 in '95, their first SCORE Magazine Fantasy Vacation. They returned for Boob Cruise 3 in 1997.... (more)
08:24 mins of SaRenna Lee!
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