About SaRenna Lee

Measurements 42-24-34
Bra Size 34-H
Height 5' 2"
Weight 142 lbs.
Birthday February 17th

Welcome to SaRennasWorld, the site that celebrates SaRenna Lee's career achievements with SCORE magazine. If there is one name, one model, one exotic dancer who remains linked the most to the big-bust world and to SCORE, not just by the big-boob community but with the general public as well, that name is SaRenna Lee. Blonde, gorgeous, beautifully-built, ultra-feminine, SaRenna has been called, literally, a "living doll." Even her voice, which you will hear in the videos on SaRennasWorld, has a man-pleasing, baby-doll quality. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, SaRenna moved to Houston, Texas while a teen with the goal of a show business career.

"I was a 32D-cup," SaRenna recalled about her formative years. "I started developing breasts early so I was teased pretty bad. I didn't really care for them at that age because I was very tomboyish. It took some getting used to. I played football with the boys and I liked cars. I hated Barbie. I was really a rough, tough-stuff kind of little girl. I didn't play with girls at all. I wasn't tackled that often until the boys got bigger and stronger. Then all the boys wanted to kiss me and touch my body. I had big lips, big tits and big feet. It was a really strange time for me, kind of awkward, and then everything eventually caught up, except my height. My boobies were a distraction. The girls hated me and the guys liked me for the wrong reasons. At that point, they were tackling me for other reasons besides the fact that I had the ball. They were always trying to feel me up. I didn't like that. I didn't want to be a girl. There were cliques, but I was capable of being part of every clique. I didn't choose one. I refused to, so it was kind of cool. I was in dance corps and drama. We didn't have a cheerleading team. I went to a college preparatory school and we didn't have a football team. It was totally academic, and then I went to a school of the arts and we didn't focus on sports there, either. We were more artistically inclined, so I skipped that whole cheerleading thing."