The Seven Year Itch

The city: London.The place: The John Graham Studio, where many famous SCORE models made their impact upon a world starving for huge-boobed beauties. SaRenna's all-white ensemble is pure men's-mag fantasy material: the traditional lacey bra, the corset, stockings, suspenders (garters) and the fuck-me shoes. Speaking of one of our favorite subjects, we spoke to SaRenna about that object we hold dear: bras.
SCORE: Do you have to wear an underwire?
SaRenna: I have one bra without underwire, which is really comfortable, but I prefer underwire because it gives me a little more support.
SCORE: Do they always clip in the back or have you found bras that clip in the front?
SaRenna: Mine always clip in the back because I need so many clips for support. The more clips, the more support you have, and I just think a lot of clips wouldn't be attractive in the front. If I was a one-clipper, yeah. One-clippers are cute in the front, but I'm not one.
SCORE: How many clips for you?
SaRenna: Four or five.
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Date: May 24th, 2024
Photos: 70

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 

SaRenna Lee is a beautiful white-skinned busty beauty model with a beautiful pink pussy and its parts, narrow minor labia (narrow pussy lips), just like Danni Ashe. The major labia, which are important for the formation of the crack, are both thick and very voluptuous. These thick, voluptuous outer lips, together with the beautiful pink color of her pussy and the even brighter pink color of her spreading, blood-colored vaginal canal, make her pussy look superb. The wonderfully voluptuous major labia are best appreciated when photographed from behind, preferably with both thighs narrowed and the pussy compressed from both sides so that the major labia on both sides bulge out from the groin, a feature that is both emphasized and erotic.
Among the photos in this set, Photo 57 is one of the best.
Other excellent pussy shots include Photos 44, 56, and 70, in which the entrance to the pussy, i.e., the vaginal opening, is opened to expose the vivid vaginal mucosa.

3 weeks ago 

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Of all the legendary busty beauty models, I would have to say that Danni Ashe has the most beautiful pink pussy, if I may say so myself. She has lovely good looks, the coolest natural big tits with nipples facing 45 degrees upward, and a huge pink areola with many small bumps (Montgomery tubercles) surrounding the nipples, as well as a clean and beautiful pink pussy that is as pink as the areola pink color. I think her pink clean and beautiful pussy is the most beautiful pink pussy which has no equal.
I am sorry for the long preface, but I think SaRenna's pussy is also the most beautiful pink pussy
SaRenna's pussy is also as wonderful as Danni Ashe's beautiful pink pussy as the same white racial busty beauty.
I mean that SaRenna's pussy is as good as Danni Ashe's beautiful pink pussy as a beautiful white woman.
The entrance of SaRenna's pussy is longer than that of Danni Ashe's pussy, and the same is true for the minor labia, but both of them have a narrow labia (narrow wing).
The narrow labia (narrow wing) and the radial anal folds around the anus that continue to the posterior labial commissure and perineum are both clean and very beautiful.

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