School Teacher

The real SaRenna aficionados will instantly remember this teacher pictorial from October 1998 SCORE Magazine. SaRenna was the covergirl and the theme was SaRenna's superhot sex fantasies. Mike, SCORE's editor at the time, phoned up Sarenna for a chat but she was more comfortable writing down the fun stuff at her desk than speaking about anal sex and her secret fantasies. So that's what she did! And great stuff it was because that issue was a sell-out!
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Date: September 1st, 2023
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Member Comments

She is the teacher I would DIE to have!!!

Surely these photos must be autobiographic, either shot while giving a lesson to hypnotized young (male) students or inspired by fond memories of doing so in a very succesful career at a local highschool before SaRenna decided to enlighten the world with her mesmerizing beauty, her phenomenal curves, her spellbinding face and sexy platinum hair. As well as, obviously, her unbelievably enormous well-shaped breasts. My teachers didn't look remotely like SaRenna, and I only with I'd been in her class.

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